Survivor Samoa Ep 09

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 9 of Survivor Samoa

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  • Dwaine says:

    Hey Christiana and Mike.

    First, Christiana, not sure if you got the email I sent to you after the first episode… it was about Marisa being voted off and my total frustration with CBS Survivor Fantasy League. No need to read it on your podcast; I’m just sure if you got it or not.

    Now, I realize the previous episode is over, but Shambo frustrated me so much during the Giant Perfection Challenge. Did you notice she kept looking at BOTH pieces even after Jeff had said, “You start with two pieces and only one of them is right. Then when you put it in it will release another one for which you must find the right spot and so on and so on.” (doubt he said it like that, but I have a tendency to avoid “end-of-sentance prepositions) Anyway, she already had three or four in and she would pick them both up and look at them… I was screaming at the TV – “Shambo, please throw that old piece AT Laura and get on with the challenge!!!”

    So, anyway… I really enjoy the show and have actually had a slight feeling of jealousy knowing that others are listening – weird, I know. It’s like I had found a secret place that few knew about and now, all of the sudden, people are finding it. It isn’t as unique anymore.

    Thanks for a great show.

    P.S. I really enjoyed your “Kimberly the Merciless” Podio-book.


  • Don says:

    Hey guys,

    Alright I’m posting on Friday just to make sure this gets in on time. On to my random thoughts:

    *At the immunity challenge, once Laura got knocked out, Shambo busted out laughing and gave a high five to Russell. So much for Shambo hiding her alliance with Foa Foa.

    *Dave decides the best way to find the immunity idol is to follow Russell around. This situation perfectly sums up Galu since the merge = Galu is one step behind Russell’s moves as he continues to run circles around them.

    *Just as I thought last week, John decides that being down 4 to 5 is much better than taking a chance of being the 1 person out of 8 to draw a purple rock.
    Although, I’m surprised they didn’t have Natalie and Laura face off in a fire making challenge. Guess that only happens when there’s 4 people or less.

    *Natalie, Laura, and Monica are sitting pretty right now because the guys will probably turn their attention back to getting out the physical threats.

    *Next week is a recap episode and the finale is on Dec. 20, so that means there’s 9 people with only 4 episodes left. If that’s the case the numbers seem a little off:
    Dec. 3 = 9 people to 8
    Dec. 10 = 8 to 7
    Dec. 17 = 7 to 6
    Dec. 20 = 6 to 5, 5 to 4, and 4 to 3
    Going into the finale with 6 people seems like a pretty high amount. I wonder if there’s another injury or a double elimination on the way.

    Can’t wait for the next podcast.


  • Whoa, Russell has a 3rd HII! With only 1 clue between them all. Despite being bird-dogged, he gave them the slip and found it handily. And he didn’t even have to play it. This is Russell’s show and it’s a blast to watch.

    It is going to be very interesting for the 3 core old-Galu left. I like Danger Dave, but he is very much in trouble. Here’s hoping that the Foa Foa 4 + Shambo have more immediate targets.

    And is John going to shift alliances? I don’t remember a Survivor season like this one and I look forward to Christiana and Mike’s commentary on all this.

    As always, I’m loving the podcast. To all you guys leaving feedback – thanks so much. 🙂

  • roxan fox says:

    I’m jonesing for a podcast…hope everyone had a great Holiday.

    I wanted to share something I found after listening to Joann and Stacy’s interview with Laura… She called Russell a little “Menehune”. it’s about 11 minutes into the interview. It’s a little leprechaun/troll like guy who lives in the forest and wreaks havoc mostly at night. I thought it was funny so I wanted to send it. Sounds loke Russell to me.

    looking forward to the next show…now you can include the recap, they had lots of new footage in it.
    Safe travel, Christianna.
    I have like 1841 CBS points, any one else? Hey to Laura in Germany.