Survivor Samoa Ep 5 – Talking About Survivor

Christiana and Mike discuss this week’s episode of Survivor Samoa!

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  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Wow I didn’t think you’d discuss my entire email message! Thanks for including my thoughts!

    I enjoyed your show and analysis again! Thanks!

    Episode 5

    Check out the following:

    00:44 LAURA says: “Shambo is just a complete Gilligan who messes things up all the time” That was NOT Monica!

    16:00 Galu celebrates winning the Samoa Smoothie reward. They jump up off the benches but ERIK is NOT sitting on the bench! Instead he approaches from off camera on the left where he most likely drank his smoothie and scored the winning SIXTH point for Galu vs Natalie for Foa Foa.