Survivor Samoa Ep 4:Talking About Survivor

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 4 of Survivor Samoa


  • As always, “Talking About Survivor” never fails to entertain. Thanks, Christiana & Mike.

    I am SOOO liking the “Danger Dave Show”. Does he has a fan club yet? I’m considering buying a bocce ball for my desk (hmmm … can you buy just one?).

    I’m thinking the “Danger Dave” clothes-line and award-winning bocce ball will go for big dollars in the end of season auction.

    BTW: I’m glad my use of “h’awesome” in my previous comment turned out to be as entertaining as it was 😉

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Love your analysis Christiana & Mike. Thanks!

    Note: In the EW Deleted Scene of Monica this week at:

    I believe Monica is talking about LAST week’s “Sea Crates” Reward/Immunity Challenge when she and Laura battled Ashley and Monica helped solve the crate puzzle at the end. Laura back at camp tells Monica she did a good job.

    Also, BOTH Russell H and Russell S spell their name with TWO “L’s” not ONE!

    Last, here’s a good description and images of a Magnesium Fire Starter. The Flint Rod on the side is SMALL. Most of the bar is composed of Magnesium which you shave into a pile.

    In this video Mick shows how the Flint rod is almost gone but notice there is lots of Magnesium