Casey’s Cadets Special Announcement!


Christiana will be at Dragon*Con! Come up and say hi!


Space Casey is a Double Parsec Finalist! For Best Audio Drama (Short Form) and Best Comedy / Parody!

and Last but BEST!

The Casey’s Cadets Lapel Pins are ready!

Casey Lapel Pins

If you are already a Casey’s Cadet, just send an email to caseyscadets ‘at’ and let me know where you would like your pin sent. (Or if you will be at Dragon*Con, I can give it to you in person!)

If you are not yet a cadet, but would like to be, your first mission is to leave a review for Space Casey at either iTunes or Then send me an email at caseyscadets ‘at’ to let me know which is yours. You will receive instructions for a follow-up mission sometime in the next few weeks.

Cadets dismissed!

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