Talking About Stuff #146

I scored an awesome deal on the Deadwood DVD box sets

The crappy way that HBO cancelled Deadwood

What has Ian McShane been up to?
-Voice of bad guy in Kung Fu Panda
-New Death Race movie

New Death Race could be very cool

Madonna is pitching a remake of Casablanca

The original Casablanca was lightning in a bottle

A discussion of Film Remakes in general

The shot-by-shot remake of Psycho

The films of Gus Van Sant

Good Will Hunting

Nike’s new serialized Soccer Commercial
(If you’re looking at this link, WATCH IT!)

I got some “Nike Free” sneakers

Mike’s “brownies won’t let you cobble” joke referrs to this: Shallow Thought #55 – Cobbling

Theories of shoe design

Feedback from Nobilis on economics of taking the bus