What’s this? Christiana-Themed T-Shirts?

It’s true. There is now a store where you can buy Space Casey T-Shirts, Nina Kimberly T-Shirts, and even Shallow Thoughts T-Shirts like this one:



I will be continuing to work on the store, adding new designs and such, but right now, I’m sleepy. Enjoy!

(P.S. Why, yes! This *IS* just in time for DragonCon!)

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Casey’s Cadets Special Announcement!


Christiana will be at Dragon*Con! Come up and say hi!


Space Casey is a Double Parsec Finalist! For Best Audio Drama (Short Form) and Best Comedy / Parody!

and Last but BEST!

The Casey’s Cadets Lapel Pins are ready!

Casey Lapel Pins

If you are already a Casey’s Cadet, just send an email to caseyscadets ‘at’ gmail.com and let me know where you would like your pin sent. (Or if you will be at Dragon*Con, I can give it to you in person!)

If you are not yet a cadet, but would like to be, your first mission is to leave a review for Space Casey at either iTunes or Podiobooks.com Then send me an email at caseyscadets ‘at’ gmail.com to let me know which is yours. You will receive instructions for a follow-up mission sometime in the next few weeks.

Cadets dismissed!

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“Space Casey” song by The Kewpies

Hey everybody, the title and subject of this song is a coincidence, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome, so check it out!

“Space Casey” by The Kewpies

They have both this song and another available on their website, so check them out and tell them I sent ya!

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Space Casey wins the GOLD Mark Time Award!

Hey everybody! I received the official announcement today that Space Casey has won the GOLD Mark Time Award for Best Science Fiction Audio production of the year!

How cool is that?

In addition, I will be attending CONvergence in Minneapolis over the 4th of July Weekend, so if you’ll be there too, come up and say hi!

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Space Casey Wallpaper!

Hey Cadets!

Check out this awesome Space Casey Wallpaper made by Adam Morey! I’ve got it on my desktop, now you can too!

casey-starfield (1)

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Parsec Awards

Attention Cadets!

The nomination process for the Third Annual Parsec Awards is currently ongoing here at the Parsec Awards site. Space Casey has already been nominated for the Best Audio Drama (Short Form), so this is not just a request for you to go nominate it yourself. Rather, the Parsec Awards are a really fun set of awards, and you should check out the nominations for all the categories and if one of your favorite shows hasn’t been nominated already, you can show them some love!

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Space Casey Blooper Spectacular

The long-delayed but much-awesomed blooper show is finally here. Enjoy!

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More Space Casey on the Radio!

Space Casey is now being broadcast on KWWC 90.5 F.M. in Columbia, Mo!

It airs Space Casey on Tuesday’s from Noon to Noon thirty!

Thanks to Bruce Humphries!

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The Music of Space Casey

“Headin’ Out” and “Surf Blaster” by The Vara-Tones

“Mystic Chants” by Anne Young

“Hobie Beach – Chill-out Mix” by Alienation

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Space Casey on the Radio!

Jerry Stearns, the host of “Sound Affects” on KFAI is going to be running Space Casey on the radio starting March 16th!

Check out the announcement here, and the promo he made, and then be sure to check out his show! Even if you aren’t local to Minneapolis / St. Paul, you can stream his show on the website.

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