Talking About Survivor – Blood Vs Water Ep05

Let's be clear, I'm not here because I'm a jerk. Brad prepares for the Redemption Island Duel

Let’s be clear, I’m not here because I’m a jerk.
Brad prepares for the Redemption Island Duel

Christiana and Mike discuss Episode 05 of Survivor Blood Vs Water


  • Hey Christiana and Mike, I just wanted to let you know that the reason it was okay for Monica to throw away the clue to the idol was because Aras said in a confessional that the returning players didn’t want anything to do with the immunity idol.

  • Barbara from New York says:

    Regarding Episode 6, When Cat was begging for mercy at the Tribal Council, I thought she might have stood a better chance by stating: “Look, Vytas and his brother will soon get together, and they’re a force to be reckoned with! Vote Vytas out, not me. I’m just a clueless idiot!”

    Of course, being a clueless idiot, she went with “I love all y’all. And I didn’t lie.”

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