Archive of my Extra Life Videogame Marathon!

You can still donate to Christiana’s Extra Life Campaign for Children’s Hospitals!¬†My Extra Life Page!

Part 1 Ran from 9AM Saturday through about 4:30PM Saturday! (Playing Civilization 6)


Part 2 Ran from ~4:45PM through 10:30 PM (Still playing Civilization 6)


Alas, due to a YouTube issue, I had to temporarily switch the stream to Twitch for a period between 10:30PM and 3:30AM Sunday, and sadly, there is no archive, just my word that I did it!

But PART 3 and Conclusion! Ran from 3:30-ish AM Sunday through the finish at 9AM Sunday!  (Finishing Civilization 6 and then Switching to XCOM2 at about 1 hour, 40 Minutes in)

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