So Many Levels Episode 03 – Seikamien As It Should Be – Part 3 (Audio)

Christiana Ellis (DM), Jared Axelrod (Muugen the Magnificent), Chooch Schubert (Autarchy), Starla Huchton (Nirakina Ethu) and Vivid Muse (Amethyst) continue their adventure!


  • nobilisreed says:

    Listening now, not sure if you got this part; I’m pretty sure that a character can use the “action” part of their turn to move a distance equal to their move score.

  • Christiana says:

    Yeah, there were some times I could have suggested that. You can either Move 1 Action 1, or Use the action to move again. The “Dash” action.

    There were times where I told them how far they could move while still taking an action, but once they decided not to take an action, I neglected to tell them they could move again, or hold an action, etc. other options for their “action”.