Talking About Survivor – Kaoh Rong Pre-Show!

Christiana and Mike make snap judgments about the new castaways!


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Great to hear both of you again! Thanks! Some comments:

    Russell Hantz of course played Three times not Twice:
    2nd in S19 Samoa 2nd
    3rd in S20 Heroes vs. Villains
    17th in S22 Redemption Island

    Matt Hasselbeck never played Survivor. His wife Elisabeth Filarski played in Season 2 The Australian Outback
    Former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom played Survivor in Season 11 Guatemala
    Former NFL defensive tackle Brad Culpepper played with his wife Monica in Season 27 Blood vs. Water

    Greg Buis is of course from Season 1 Borneo!

    Andrea Boehkle (bell-key) played in Season 22 Redemption Island and placed 4th and returned in Season 26 Carmoan Fans vs Favorites 2 where she placed 7th

    Joe Del Campo is the same age (72) as Rudy Boesch in Season 1 Boreno (though Rudy was a few months older) and Rudy returned in Season 8 All-Stars when he was 75 years old. Tom Westman was only 41 years old when he won Season 10 Palau. FYI Oldest winner was Bob Crowley who was 57 when he won Season 17 Gabon.