Talking About Survivor – Second Chance Finale (Audio)

Final Six - All cleaned up!

Final Six – All cleaned up!

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  • Mike Kimura says:

    I like your Final Six photo! Thanks for another great season of your podcast.

    FYI It was Micronesia Fans vs Favorites when Ozzy made the fake Hidden Immunity Idol/Stick on Exile Island, Jason Siska found it and when he won Immunity he gave it to Eliza Orlins who says the famous line “It’s a f*cking stick!”. This event is immortalized in Mario Lanza’s Funny 115

    #3. It’s a f*cking stick!
    Fans vs Favorites – episode 9

    And you can watch the whole thing play out here:

    MikeK from SoCal
    P.S. Looking forward to hearing you Movie Talk with D&D Star Wars Podcast!