Talking About Survivor – Worlds Apart Ep11 (Audio)

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 11 of Survivor Worlds Apart!

survivor 11


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Hi Christiana and Mike

    As always, I’m thoroughly enjoying your Worlds Apart analysis each week! Thanks!

    I still just listen on my iPod to the audio podcast as I’m not sure what day and time your Live Video recording is done; though I sometimes go back and watch the recorded video on YouTube.

    Do you have a scheduled day and time for your Live Video recording?

    Some random feedback on your last few podcasts…

    You both wondered why Shrin did not bid for the Advantage. In Shirin’s exit interview with Dalton Ross

    Shirin said:

    “Before we go into the auction—you may remember from the episode before I struck a deal with Mike and Sierra to go with them—Mike and Sierra before the auction said, if you go for the advantage, then we will no longer trust you. It will just paint a target on your back.”

    On Dan making a sideways peace sign with his fingers and blowing on them is a tribute to Survivor Trev’s video blogs how he says goodbye to the voted out player. See:


    Regarding the Barrel Bridge reward challenge:

    In one of Tyler’s exit interview he said he remembered the Nicaragua – Barrel Bridge challenge and how the winning team of Fabrio, Jane, NaOnka, chase, and Purple Kelly left the 4th barrel behind (as suggested by NaOnka) and laid the boards across the barrels on their sides. The entire team of five would stand on one board as they moved the 3rd barrel to the front using the other board. Tyler felt that even though they only had 4 players that with Dan and Will he needed a steadier platform so he suggested they stand the barrels upright.

    Survivor: Nicaragua – Barrel Bridge

    Regarding Hidden Immunity Idols

    You deduced correctly that Hidden Immunity Idols cannot be stolen. You have to specifically say you are giving your Hidden Immunity Idol to someone else. Even if you hide/bury your Hidden Immunity Idol and someone finds it, it is still yours. I believe Bill Posely found Colton’s Hidden Immunity Idol in One World and through it on the ocean. Production gave Colton a replacement Hidden Immunity Idol. You could even leave your Hidden Immunity Idol in the middle of camp and no one can take it.

    As far as “playing a Hidden Immunity Idol on someone else”, even though players have said they are playing their Hidden Immunity Idol on another player what I believe they are doing is saying they are GIVING their Hidden Immunity Idol to that player and that player now has to decide whether or not they will play their Hidden Immunity Idol that they now own. In all cases at Tribal Council the player giving a Hidden Immunity Idol has played it for themselves at that Tribal Council.

    FYI: History of giving away a Hidden Immunity Idol

    Fiji: Mookie found Ravu HII#2 and gave to Alex
    China: Todd found Fei Long HII#1 and gave it to James
    Gabon: Sugar found HII at Exile Island and gave it to Ace who later gave it back to Sugar
    Tocantins: Taj found Merge HII and gave it to Stephen who later gave it back to Taj
    HvV: Russell found Villains HII#1 and gave it to Parvati ***AT TC***
    HvV: JT found Heroes HII#2 and gave it to Russell who gave it to Parvati
    HvV: Parvati found Villains HII#2 and gave both HII’s to Sandra and Jerri ***AT TC***
    Nicaragua: Marty found Espada HII#1 and gave it to Sash
    Nicaragua: NaOnka found Merge HII and gave it to Chase
    Redemption Island: Ralph found Zapatera HII and gave it to Mike
    South Pacific: Ozzy found Savaii HII and gave it Cochran who later gave it back to Ozzy who later gave it to Whitney
    One World: Sabrina found Manono HII and gave it to Colton (had to give it to a man)
    Caramoan: Reynold found Gota HII#2 and gave it to Malcolm
    Caramoan: Malcolm found Bikal HII#1 and gave it to Eddie ***AT TC***
    Cagayan: Tony found Aparri HII#1 and gave it to LJ ***AT TC***
    Cagayan: LJ found Solana HII#1 and gave it to Tony ***AT TC***
    San Juan del Sur: Natalie found Coyopa HII#2 and gave it to Jaclyn ***AT TC***

    MikeK from SoCal