Five More Minutes – 18Apr15

I finished watching Marvel’s #Daredevil on Netflix, and really enjoyed it. (Just realized that the character is “Karen Page”, but I kept calling her “Kate”.)


  • Loved it as well.

    I watched for it and they never used the word Kingpin, My prediction: It will be used by a news caster or a newspaper headline in episode one of the next season. Maybe with the headline being Kingpin Not Guilty.

    Important Questions for the next season(?):

    What is V’s background/history that she would gravitate towards WF?

    Who will replace WF’s friend/assistant?

  • Christiana says:

    That’s kind of what I thought, re: the word “Kingpin” and also agree that having the press use it will be a good way to introduce it in the future. I suspect that a season 2 would have his main storyline be how he is operating from prison, maybe having Vanessa help run things from the outside. (agreed I’d be interested in knowing a bit more of her backstory). While he’s confined, it would be a good opportunity for him to build his skill-set for being a “not-even-pretending-to-be-legit” businessman.

  • Oh I think he has those skills now, maybe some flashbacks from the time he was on the farm (or maybe the country will have to go back and re-watch that episode) to his return to NYC and beginning to climb the criminal ladder.

    We are definitely going to see a lot more courtroom drama next season with Matt and Foggy.