Talking About Survivor – San Juan del Sur Ep06 (Audio)

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 06 of Survivor San Juan del Sur

Survivor version of "Gleaming the Cube"

Survivor version of “Gleaming the Cube”


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Hi Christiana and Mike

    Finally got a chance to check out your Google Hangout / YouTube video archives. Cool!! One suggestion for Christiana, you should raise your webcam/laptop up to eye level so we aren’t looking up at you and to avoid the over head(?) lights reflecting on your glasses.

    Re: Natalie & Baylor at Exile Island

    In Baylor’s Extra Video at Exile Island, it appears to be filmed before the rain and she is happy to get away.

    Survivor : San Juan Del Sur – I’m Fine With Being Here

    In Natalie’s Extra Video she explains how they immediately were able to make fire, but then how tough it was when it started to rain. She says that they put their dry clothes into a vase and stayed in their bathing suits during the rain.

    Survivor : San Juan Del Sur – We Were Screwed

    Re: Immunity Challenge

    In Dale’s Extra Video, he explains that they misplaced the third piece (in other interviews I think he said upside down) which threw off the rest of the puzzle.

    Survivor : San Juan Del Sur – Different Day Same Results

    Thanks as always for your excellent analysis/podcast!

    MikeK from SoCal