Balticon 2014 Panel – How to Find New Podcasts

At Balticon 2014, I was on a panel titled “How To Find New Podcasts”. This is it.


Other panelists were:

Scott Roche,

Norm Sherman


  • zackmann says:

    I was multi tasking when listening, Was Sonic Society and Radio Drama Revival mentioned? I took me forever to realize there links to the featured audio dramas on the side of Sonic Society’s webpage.
    Related shows that Stitcher pulls up are interesting but I don’t remember if I listened to any show more than once form Stitcher related shows.

  • V says:

    What’s the podcast mentioned at 37:14 onwards? “Arthur City” ? I’m having trouble making out the name and finding the podcast.

  • Christiana says:

    The podcast that Scott mentioned there is “Our Fair City” and I think it’s just

  • V says:

    Thanks Christiana!