Talking About Survivor – Cagayan Ep09

Christiana and Mike discuss Episode 09 of Survivor Cagayan!

It's a pretty good Spyshack, but not like the one I've got at home.

It’s a pretty good Spyshack, but not like the one I’ve got at home.


  • Roxan Fox says:

    Hey y’all, always mean to leave a comment and don’t get around to it. I use to several years a ago. I am liking the fact that you are getting the podcast out sooner than Tuesday this season. I really like the totally different scenarios the two of you come up with. Your banter is so fresh compared to some of the other ones out there. Mike, the Inspector Gadget comparrison was priceless. I appreciate the podcast, sort of a smart generation X aspect.
    Thanks and Peace out!

  • Mikko says:

    Wow, you must be blind if you can’t see the self-interest and strategy behind Trish’ game play. You don’t have to be strategizing all the time to be considered a contender in the game. All you have to do is regognise pivotal decisions and make the right one for one’s game and Trish’ record with those is pretty impressive:

    She was the one who orchestrated the flip on Cliff and Lindsey, Tony had absolutely nothing to do with it. Sure, she said that she made that move emotionally but was it a bad move for her? No it wasn’t (not even close). She switched two people who she couldn’t stand (and who didn’t like her) to two people who she had an instant connecton with and who she could keep on working with after the merge. Tony on the other hand had a working relationship with Cliff and Lindsey too. So by replacing them with LJ and Jefra, he gave Trish a better chance at making it to the end with out him.

    Then at the merge Tony insisted on trying to talk to Sarah and get her back in, even though it was obvious that wasn’t happening. Without Trish and her talking to Kass, her alliance never targets Sarah and Kass doesn’t flip. She’s clearly not doing anything, right? (sarcasm)

    And last but certainly not least, she gets Jefra to stay with her alliance, still mad at Tony but now fully trusting Trish who addressed her concerns. How you can give credit to Tony for this, baffles my mind. Sure, Trish still trusts Tony but please explain how taking Jefra and forming an alliance with Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah is in anyway benefitial for Trish? In that scenario Jefra and Trish are headed to a final 5 where they have a minority and even if they would somehow manage to get themselves into the finals against just one of them, Trish has already correctly recognised that if anyone of them makes it to the finals, they win so HOW could it possibly be good strategy for her to vote Tony out at this point?

    She is also extremely well liked by the jury so she is the favourite against anyone from her current alliance, except for Tony and even against him, she has a chance depending on how well she can articulate her moves and show the jury that she was the one making the game changing moves and not Tony.