Talking About Survivor – Cagayan Ep06

Best friends forever, right? Right? ...

Best friends forever, right? Right? …


Christiana and Mike discuss the multi-train train-wreck that is episode 06 of Survivor Cagayan!


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Back in Episode 4 you were trying to figure out why New-Aparri picked who they did for the rounds in “Kicking and Screaming” Reward Challenge held immediately after the tribe shuffle.

    Round 1 was All Women

    New-Solana only had 3 women so all 3 had to play (Lindsey(Pole), Trish, Jefra)
    New-Aparri had 5 women so they put up their 3 strongest (Tasha(pole), Sarah, Morgan)

    Round 2 was 2 Men, 1 Woman

    New-Solana: Cliff(pole), LJ, Trish
    New-Aparri: Alexis(pole), Spencer, Jeremiah

    I believe this round should have been All Men but since New-Aparri only had 2 Men so it became 2 Men, 1 Woman. I also believe you had to use players who had not already played but New-Solana had already used all 3 of their woman so they were allowed to repeat a woman; Lindsey was exhausted from Round 1 so they chose Trish. New-Aparri had to choose between Kass or Alexis so they chose Alexis. Alexis & one of the men were not going to be able to drag Cliff to the line so they opted for both men but of course Alexis had no chance against LJ (and Trish)

    Round 3 was 2 Men, 1 Woman (choose your Strongest Competitors)

    New-Solana: Cliff(pole), Tony, Lindsey
    New-Aparri: Sarah(pole), Spencer, Jeremiah

    I believe you could choose anyone for this round. Since New-Aparri only had 2 men both tribes picked their 2 strongest Men and their strongest Woman. Again New-Aparri felt Sarah and one of the men would not be able to drag Cliff so they put Sarah on the pole.

    Regarding the “Special Power” of the new Hidden Immunity Idol

    The “Special Power” was revealed on the TVGN Survivor Cagayan Preview show. Here is a recap:


    In case you didn’t read any of the pre-game coverage, Jeff Probst revealed this Idol as the “Tyler Perry Idol.” Yes, it’s named after the actor who suggested the idea to Probst through a text. Basically, the “Tyler Perry Idol” gives its holder the ultimate power of being able to play it AFTER the votes are read. Basically, it’s a get-out-of-jail-free card. Although this is being played up as a new concept, it isn’t. At all. For several seasons, this is how the Idol was played, but because of its immense power (Terry in season 12 and Yul in season 13), producers changed how Idols had to be played by requiring castaways to present them after the votes are made but before they are read.

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  • Bob Hartley says:

    Hey guys, love your pod casts, just thought I would send this in because I never thought of it till I listened to your pod cast on Sarah leaving. You mentioned that they showed Sarah drinking rum about 5 times and no one else. It dawned on me when you said that, knowing how much Survivor editors love symbolism, such as bats flying out of a cave, just before a bat shit crazy tribal. That they were symbolizing that Sarah was drunk with power, being the swing vote.