Talking About Survivor – Cagayan Episodes 04 and 05

Christiana and Mike get caught up with a discussion of the last two episodes of Survivor Cagayan

LJ and Trish are in training for the "Human Hammer Throw"

LJ and Trish are in training for the “Human Hammer Throw”


  • Davie says:

    Regarding the hang onto the pole challenge, Alexis talked about it in an extra video

    Basically before the challenge each team blindly chose who to put on the pole & the 2 that would attack. Only when the round began would you find out if you had created a mismatch like it turned out to be with Alexis vs Cliff.

  • Mikko says:

    Your view point on Alexis’ exit is kinda idiotic. She was clearly not targeted for being abrasive or anything like that. She was targeted for being A) too threatning B) because she had too much connections on the other side and couldn’t hide them. All of which she has pretty much owned up to in her exit interviews so clearly she has good self-perception of herself.

    And as far as her crying not being as “gracefull” as Cliff’s exit. What did you expect? Clearly for Cliff this was a fun adventure that he wanted to do but without too much pressure to do good, but for Alexis it was a life long dream (for her and her dad) to be on Survivor and she felt like she let everyone down by not even making it to the jury. It’s not like she was upset that people didn’t want to play with her (something that I’d consider being a bad loser).

  • Barbara says:

    To commenter Mikko, when you begin a comment with accusations of “idiotic,” you’re throwing down a gauntlet and not necessary engaging in a smart conversation with the hosts. It demeans the rest of your statement.