Talking about Survivor – Blood Vs Water Ep01

It’s here!

Christiana and Mike break down the premiere episode of Survivor Blood Vs Water!


  • Watching the second episode of the season, it’s surprising how much “New Colton” resembles “Old Colton” 😉 #notreally

  • Mike Kimura says:

    Sorry about the late feedback. Just finished listening to your Ep1 and I know your Ep2 is already out…

    Re: Blood vs Water. When RC/Father (Blood relatives) were replaced at the last minute by Candice/John (Water relation) it messed up Blood vs Water ratio so no longer could they have all the Blood Relatives on one tribe and all the Water relatives/relations on the other tribe.

    Re: Redemption Island: It was OZZY not Malcolm who was voted out 2 times in South Pacific to Redemption Island and returned twice only to be voted out a 3rd time! Malcolm never played with Redemption Island twist in either of his seasons. Redemption Island was in play in Season 22 “Redemption Island” and in Season 23 “South Pacific”.

    In S22 it was 2 person Duels dominated by Matt Elrod who was returned into the Merge Tribe and immediately voted out. Then it was 3 and 4 person Duels and Andrea was returned to the game when there were 4 left in the game. She was immediately voted out at the Final 5 Tribal Council.

    In S23 it was 2 person Duels pre-merge dominated by Christine Shields but Ozzy’s tribe vote out Ozzy to defeat Christine and re-enter the game. Ozzy one Immunity and lasted one more round and then was voted out. Post-Merge RI Duels were 3 and 2 person with Ozzy defeating Brandon to re-enter the game with 4 left. He won Immunity getting him to Final 4 but lost the Final 4 Immunity to Sophie and was voted out for the 3rd time.

    Gervase is famous for not knowing how to swim in Season 1 Borneo and almost drowning in a challenge. In his pre-season interviews he said he learned how to swim but obviously not a strong swimmer. Aras and Gervase are good friends outside the game so it was not surprising to see Gervase call out to Aras for help. Note: Gervase needed medical attention after the challenge!

    MikeK from SoCal