Something Ventured, Nothing Gained #4

A re-watch of The Venture Brothers continues!

Join Christiana Ellis, Justin Diehl, and Jared Axelrod for a re-watch of the greatest cartoon ever!

In this episode, they discuss the episodes: “Ghosts of the Sargasso”, and “Ice Station Impossible”!

Here is the link to the bonus commentary from the creators of Venture Brothers for Home Insecurity

Music is “Found Friday” by Chooch Schubert

Find all things Jared Axelrod at

And Justin Diehl is participating in the Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge!

Richard Green does geeky things here!

Here’s some Bowie and Major Tom related videos!
Space Oddity
Ashes to Ashes
Major Tom by Peter Schilling (German Version)
English Version
Gale from Breaking Bad Version

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