Guest Appearance: Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things #62

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Welcome to a new episode of “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.”

We’re still recapping the end of season #3 of Game of Thrones!

“She’s Always A Woman To Me“

As the song title implies, my guests and I will be discussing the multi-faceted “ladies” of the story.

Christiana Ellis and Tracee join me for an epic discussion of these fascinating female characters!

In some ways, these more “traditional” ladies are more difficult to talk about and more challenging in general.

But it’s that very challenge that makes them both great characters and “trope-busting” trail-blazers.

On the docket today:

1. How these women are, in a way, are even more interesting than their female warrior counterparts

2. How do solve a problem like….Catelyn Stark?

3. The clever servant

4. Those wily Tyrell women!

5. These two gals really work hard for the money!

6. The new mother

7. Sansa Stark: Love and learning curves

8. Melisandre: A Femme Fatale with a twist

9. Cersei Lannister: The woman hating feminist!

These women defy convention and have rewritten what a woman can be in genre fiction.

They are strong, sexual, complicated and every inch a woman.

They also have the power to alter the very course of the story….

For that reason alone, they are awesome!


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