Talking About Survivor Caramoan Episode 12

Christiana and Mike discuss the pen-penultimate episode of Survivor Caramoan!


  • Barbara says:

    Hi Christiana and Mike.

    Thanks for another great season of Survivor commentary. I always nod my head and smile when I see your podcast downloading.

    I have a question: what would you do, if anything, to improve the next few seasons of Survivor?

    Barbara from Long Island

  • Richard Green aka Mainframe says:

    Great question, Barbara. 🙂

    O.K. it’s unanimous, Eddie is an idiot 😉 Even Eddie agreed (it was a chuckle moment for me).

    Major kudos to Cochran on the win! And not just the million $, but according to Wikipedia, he is only the second to win a perfect game … all the final jury votes and zero elimination votes for the whole season … and he pulled it off when half the players had been on Survivor before. He didn’t just win, he’s set himself as one of the best to play the game imho.

    Those of us who follow Survivor know that the stress, fatigue, and hunger take their toll on all the players who manage to go even half-way through the game. Yet Cochran never seemed to give into to those stresses and always had his head in the game. On top of that, he never seemed to be at a loss for his brand of well placed humor.

    If Cochran starts writing, I plan to buy the first book at least.

    I’m not sure how feasible it would be, but I’d love for you guys to interview Cochran and/or Probst sometime. Just putting it out there. 😉

    This turned out to be a great season, made even better by the podcast. Thanks for all you do 🙂

    My question: What do you think next season’s “Blood vs. Water” will be?