Survivor One World Ep12

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 12 of Survivor One World.

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  • Dwaine says:

    Hey Christiana and Mike.

    I was open-mouth surprised while driving around this past week listening to the podcast. Mike, you made the assertion that the phrase “Well-spoken” is racially charged – in fact, you spent time saying that it really irritated you to hear it etc. I must say, I have been around forty-three years and have never once thought the phrase well-spoken meant anything other than the person speaks well and to be more specific, that the person was able to influence others easily due to the quality of word choice etc. They come off as smart and on top of things.

    I have never thought this phrase was used only towards a certain race.

    Having said that, you obviously have, and obviously have for a long time based on what you said. I guess this might be a case of our living two completely different lives in different parts of America. I have lived in Texas, Missouri, Virginia, South Carolina and Alabama.

    Anyway, I’m not saying you are wrong, but I am saying that I have been around that phrase a long time, have used it about many different people regardless of color or race, and have never meant it to imply I was surprised they could speak well.

    So, we have two completely opposite experiences with the phrase. I will admit that now I have heard you say this with such conviction I will be watching for it on news telecasts etc. to see if I can see it as you see it.

    Until then, I will continue to use the phrase when appropriate – in fact, I have said the phrase several times about both of you when talking about this very podcast and I meant it as a compliment.

    Have a great day. Love your podcast.