Survivor One World Episode 07

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 07 of Survivor One World

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  • Dwaine says:

    Okay, how is this for a CRAZY and BOLD prediction for episode 8?

    Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina & Kat decide it is time to take their four and go with the ladies to the end. In light of this decision, they decide to vote out Jay. Why? because he is more likely to win immunity (perhaps) and because he is more strategic in his gameplay than are Troyzan and Michael. Greg and Leif. Phbbt… who cares about them, eh?

    Meanwhile, Troyzan and Jay are getting nervous about the ladies and decide to play a trick of their own. They figure out that the ladies are going for one of them… Troyzan wins immunity, gives his hidden immunity necklace to Jay AFTER the vote, and they vote off Kim!!!!!

    Just a thought.

    (from Survivor Talk with D & D)
    (you don’t have to mention that, just not sure if you knew it was me or not)