Survivor One World Ep05

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 05 of Survivor One World.


  • Dwaine says:

    Hey Christians & Mike,

    On an exit interview I heard, Monica said that the Manono tribe arrived at their new beach only to find all the Manono supplies from the other beach. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. That means they got the axe, tarp, etc.

    Thanks for the show.


  • Dwaine says:


    I can’t believe I did that.

    Christiana (not Christians)

    Sorry. The “a” is too close to the “s” 🙂


  • Dwaine says:

    Oh, one other thing Monica said…

    Apparently, the chicken was in the trap for about an hour before it got out.

    Just goes to show you how the editors manipulate the scene to elicit a reaction from us, the viewers. It worked.


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Christiana and Mike

    Sorry I haven’t left any feedback this season but I’m still listening and thoroughly enjoying your indepth analysis. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a college philosophy or critical thinking class! Thanks!

    Regarding the Hidden Immunity Idol and how to wield it’s power…

    Yul’s season was NOT the first season with a Hidden Immunity Idol, it was the third. Also, Yul’s use of the Hidden Immunity Idol is NOT a good example as Yul’s Hidden Immunity Idol was an ALL POWERFUL “get out of jail free card” played AFTER all of the votes were counted. No one wanted to risk voting for Yul since Yul would simply play the Hidden Immunity Idol ONLY if he got the most votes.

    The first Hidden Immunity Idol was in Survivor 11 Guatemala found by Gary Hogeboom which had to be played BEFORE they voted. Gary played it at the first Tribal Council right after he found it. Basically the same as winning the Individual Immunity Necklace.

    The second Hidden Immunity Idol was in Survivor 12 Panama (Exile Island) found by Terry Deitz. This was also a “get out of jail free card” just like Yul’s. In Terry’s case the tribe couldn’t vote for Terry as he kept winning Immunity Challenges.

    Terry Deitz was first castaway to obtain an idol but never use it. Yul Kwon was second castaway to possess an idol, but not use it, though he would become the first winner to own one.

    Parvati Shallow became the first and only person to find an idol and leave it behind in Exile Island, in Micronesia (though it was never shown on TV). So she is really the third person to have a Hidden Immunity Idol and not play it.

    Oh, and Sandra found a Hidden Immunity Idol in Heroes vs Villains and kept it secret from everyone. She played it at the Final 6 Tribal Council nullifying 2 votes for her but Rupert had 4 votes and so was voted out 4-0. She of course went on to win.

    Dwaine already mentioned the editing of the chicken escape that Monica talks about in her interviews.

    MikeK from Socal