Survivor One World Ep03

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 3 of Survivor One World


  • Kathy Z says:

    “Her brain is running this subroutine virtual reality matrix..”
    In the middle of listening to the podcast and this amused me so much that I had to stop and comment. Ha ha ha. All right, back to listening.

  • Re: Episode 4 –

    So for the ‘sin’ of being someone who Coulton doesn’t like, the rest of the men’s tribe can’t wait until losing an immunity challenge to get rid of Bill. What the …?

    What is Coulton bringing to the table for the men? Working hard at camp – No. Being good at challenges – No. Looking out for other people – No.

    I cannot fathom how a group of adult can let Coulton’s acting so childish and prejudiced not only go unchallenged, but they actually seem to be enabling him.

    I want to like Coulton, but after this past episode; I’m not sure that it is possible now.

    At least Bill doesn’t have to put up with that brat for one more day, and Bill is going to come away from Survivor with a lot more than Coulton ever will.

    In Survivor, people only have the power that other people choose to give them. It’s that way in real life too. We all need to be careful who we give our power to and not just do so because to go along with some crowd.