Survivor One World Ep 01

Christiana and Mike discuss the first episode of Survivor One World!

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  • Justin in Rochester says:

    C & M, great to hear you as always. I am loving one world concept and glad Redemption Island (2nd biggest flop in Survivor history to the MOP FLOP (medallion of power in case you forgot)), is done.

    C, I tweeted you this but thanks again for the referral to Survivor Talk with D and D. Now up to 4 survivor podcast (yeah I have no life). See you are in the fantasy pool, just wanted you to know I have played this pool (they guys got it from “The Tribe” podcast and it is a far cry better than the old CBS quote/unquote fantasy league. Now that you are in a league that does not suck, maybe you should add the 2 minutes of talk back into the podcast.

    I realize you will read this after EP 2 has aired but do we really think the Gals are this out of sorts, disorganized or are they playing the Rope-a-dope to get the guys to get over confident? I know the preview for EP 2 was attempting to reinforce the initial thought of the gals being a complete disaster but we all know how previews end up being. Time for the game: Am I onto something or on something?

    C Ya.