W100M – 66 – Raiders of the Lost Ark — 65 – The African Queen

Christiana and Mike continue their discussion with the next two movies from the AFI Top 100 Films List

66 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders – The Adaptation

Raiders Opening matched with Adventure Serials

65 – The African Queen


  • Hannah says:

    I haven’t heard this episode yet, but I wanted to say – without fail, I find myself feeling bad when Mike or Christiana make a joke and laugh and the other host doesn’t respond. I know there is a delay, but I feel compelled to laugh nervously to make the awkward host feel better. Random.

    Also, I just noticed this comment editor thinks “Christiana” is not a word..

    LOVE this podcast 🙂

  • Christiana says:

    Glad you’re enjoying! Though of course, sometimes when I make a joke and Mike doesn’t respond, he’s doing it on purpose because he thinks it’s funny. 😉