Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

  • I think x-men first class is the best of all the x-men movies so far. Really enjoyed it. #
  • @pcharing I didn't think X3 was that bad, certainly not as bad as it sometimes gets slammed for, but that one was definitely Coach Class. #
  • @pcharing Agreed 100%. Very glad it wasn't spoiled for me. #
  • @mightymur I passed on your message yesterday and she said: "Yeah, yeah, sometime this week." I told her: "It takes less than 30 seconds." #
  • Wonderful praising email from person I know, love and respect > One-sentence insulting review from total stranger. #
  • @Mainframe True, Twitter is almost always positive, but nothing pleases everybody, as shown by the occasional bad reviews on iTunes, etc. #
  • It's important (but hard) to have a thick skin when putting your stuff out there, but the bad stuff makes me love my fans all the more! 🙂 #
  • Of all minor injuries that are annoying out of proportion to their severity, cuts on the knuckle of your index finger rank pretty high. #
  • @Shadow_L Agreed! Also very annoying. #
  • I'm working! Really! Working on important job stuff! I am NOT looking up E3 and WWDC news! At all! In fact, what are those things? WOOORRK! #
  • @planetx Just make sure you keep it away from submarines! #
  • Woo! Amazon just shipped my inFamous 2 Hero Edition! Loved the first game, psyched for the second! #
  • Waiting for the Sony E3 Press Conference to start, so I can watch for a while before it's time to record @BTWPodcast #
  • Caffeine shortage ahead. Expect delays. #
  • BoingBoing's Gweek podcast is fun, actually reminds me of Geek Out with @Mainframe but I think I actually like GOWM better. #
  • @PhilippaJane Cupcakes are the Omega! #
  • When do I get my best, most exciting ideas? ALWAYS when I am trying hardest to finish some OTHER project! Grr! My own brain is against me! #
  • @Gutshot It's interesting how Corgi mixes frequently keep the corgi proportions but take coloring, head shape, etc. from the other breed. #
  • @comedy4cast Some say spammers should end in fire, others carbonite. What I know of desire, I favor fire. But Carbonite would be all right. #
  • @Gutshot I prefer Corgi Classic myself, but there is no questioning the awesomeness of the Si-Corgs. #
  • @comedy4cast Exactly. #
  • Just realized I haven't had a good sloppy-Joe in AGES… Wait, why does that sound dirty? #
  • @mwsmedia I'd been following you since a long time ago. Stupid random Twitter unfollows. :p #
  • Going to play inFamous 2 a little before heading out to board game night. Life is tough. #
  • Up too late last night, think I may be coming down with something. *makes Frankenstein's Monster noises* #
  • "I'm not just the president of the LEGO Hair Club for Sith, I'm also a member!" #
  • @hatchingphoenix "Do you find your lack of hair… Disturbing?" #HairClubForSith #
  • I just had a bizarre craving for chicken nuggets; brief, but very intense. Like the ghost of a chicken nugget just floated through my brain. #
  • .@cdcasey Clearly the most logical explanation. And even after Princess Laya told them the location of the Rebel Coop! #
  • .@choochus Nice. #
  • Drinking rum and catching up on the Daily Show, and very soon, more inFamous 2! Love that game! It is awesome. #
  • Sitting down to see Super 8 at the IMAX. #
  • My friend Lee finally signed up for Twitter as @cthukie She is awesome, you should all follow her! #
  • RT @mightymur: Our Book Launch Party for Mur Lafferty's Afterlife Series starts in less than an hour! – on my way! #
  • @Mainframe I have not seen that, but it does sound interesting. #

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