Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

  • Highlight of #Balticon so far, the TRUTH panel, wherein I now have a My Little Pony of myself. #
  • RT @VividMuse: Girls' Rules at 6 in Chesapeake w/ @mistressjett @mainpa @scifilaura @christianaellis and a special sneak peek at a new game! #
  • The Time Traveller's Ball is rocking the Garden Room at #Balticon ! Music! Food! Temporal Physics! Be there or be cubed! #
  • Costume contest at the Time Traveller's Ball starts at Midnight here at #Balticon Fabulous time-travel themed prizes! #
  • Packing up the room here at #Balticon but then I'm still around a while. I have a reading at 2pm, my Dr. Mercury story! #
  • @Mainframe Why, yes, the very same! #
  • @BetaClone076 @shadygirl3 Yay! #
  • To those unable to attend my #Balticon reading, my Dr. Mercury story is already online here: #
  • Well, now I an free of obligations until 2. Time for lunch. #
  • Only quitters leave early! Stick around for my live reading at 2pm! #
  • @HeatherWelliver @jchutchins I am at lunch, will be back soon, have my reading at 2. #
  • All the peeps still at #Balticon should head to the Pimlico at 2pm for my live reading of a Dr. Mercury story! #
  • More one note tweets from me! My #Balticon reading is in the Pimlico room at 2! #
  • Reading at #Balticon was a big success! Room almost full at 2pm on Monday! Also, people laughed at me, which is good, I think. #
  • Farewell #Balticon ! Okay, I love you, bye-bye! #
  • After a long drive, I have arrived home safely after a wonderful #Balticon I hope all my loved ones did or will too. #
  • @susanz Yikes! Glad @cinemafreak is okay. You guys were really missed at Balticon but good wishes to both of you now. *hugs* #
  • @vandermore @cmaaarrr @planetx Now that just looks like a plain old good idea. I'm always worried that my giant beetle will fall off. #
  • Really glad I decided to take today off of work as well. #Balticon was glorious, but exhausting. 🙂 #
  • @Mainframe Everything went great. Though I'll confess I get stressed out during party planning! 🙂 #
  • Sometimes I find myself feeling really judgmental about judgmental people. Then I am sucked into a vortex of hypocrisy. #
  • At game night with @mightymur We have discussed the Seinfeldification of our group and apparently I am Kramer. #
  • @ursulaV and @mightymur have only two options: Be Mormon, male and dead, or get some ray guns and do it the old-fashioned way. #
  • @hildebrandj @mightymur Oh, with, I'd think. #
  • Philosophical question: Do you spend more time praising the things you like or criticizing the things you don't? #
  • Dear Weather; How are you? I am fine. Please stop being so hot. I will be your best friend. Love, Christiana. #
  • @mightymur That's not true! I am with the weather every day! Through thick and thin. Friends should be able to ask each other for things. #
  • #Balticon recovery still only in preliminary stages. Fine motor skills are not very fine this morning. #
  • RT @planetx: Pony versions @christianaellis ( @Cmaaarrr ( & me ( #
  • As promised, I have updated my Twitter avatar to the My Little Pony version of myself, as seen in the TRUTH panel at #Balticon BEHOLD! #
  • @nuchtchas Nah, Luna's pretty cool about that sort of thing. As long as I keep up with the belly scritches. #
  • I am currently working with two gentlemen from England who are visiting the US site and, no lie, they are BOTH named Nigel. #
  • @elizasea It was made for me by @planetx for Balticon. Here's one of him ( & @Cmaaarrr ( #
  • @elizasea I believe he used this generator: 🙂 #
  • Next movie on the AFI list: Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times"! Watching it now, one of my favorites! #
  • Breakfast at Waffle House with my friend Lee, then going to see X-men. After that, maybe Kung-Fu Panda 2. #

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