Twitter Updates for 2011-05-05

  • If it IS broke, DO fix it… Or don't… Or call someone… I don't know! What are you asking ME for? I can't be solving all your problems! #
  • Johnny Credit: "I pinched a man in Reno, just to watch him cry." #
  • Day job has been very busy and stressful for the last few weeks. But despite all the hooplah, slowly, surely, I am "Getting Things Done". #
  • Just about time for #Survivor and @JeffProbst! Woo! #
  • @JeffProbst I think, for Mike, the real factor was doing good for people. BUT I think he was aware it could help him also. #
  • @JeffProbst @61_trbzn My buddy and Survivor podcast co-host moved to England last year, and he watches on iTunes the next day. #
  • @JeffProbst #Survivor I've been rooting for Rob to pull it off, or maybe Matt. but Mike has earned some respect from me this time too. #
  • That's one thing I really respect about Rob. He knows he's good, but he still works his butt off EVERY TIME. #Survivor @JeffProbst #
  • @JeffProbst #Survivor Phillip: Crazy like a loon, or crazy like a fox? Can't it be both? #
  • My back spasm is slowly getting better. Now, it only really bothers me in the morning… Like now. #
  • @PauletteJaxton I like that plan. Mind if I show your tweet to my boss? #

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