Survivor Redemption Island Ep 06

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 6 of Survivor Redemption Island.

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  • Roxan Fox says:

    Hey ya’ll hope everything is good with you both. I had t comments but can only remember one for now. About Srephanie saying she wished she had learned this in school (about sucking up to people she hates)…I think the opposite of what you were saying, Mike. unless I may have misunderstood you. I bet she was totally popular in school, head cheerleader, the whole nine yards so she never HAD to suck up to anyone who was be
    “below” her. Can’t you just imagine that lil firecracker just telling everyone what to do? Oh well, just a thought. hope Matt beats her at RI tonight.
    Oh, btw the CBS fantasy game is actually running so you can see stuff…maybe next season we could try again. Thanks for your great opinions.
    Peace out, Rox