Survivor Redemption Island Ep01!

Christiana and Mike are back to discuss Season 22 of Survivor: Redemption Island!



  • Justin in Rochester (soopafreak) says:

    Christiana and Mike, good to hear you again. I had to take last season off as a new job took most of my time.

    Wow what a start to this season, up to tribal I thought it was a solid episode and then the last 9 minutes transformed it into a great episode. The only issue with having a good episode this great off the top is that it sets the bar high for entertainment but hopefully the rest of the season lives up to this.

    I found it interesting that these “What if” clips they felt the need to show (sorry I was board with it almost immediately) that they were all post merge eliminated player and in particular there were 2 eliminated at 5 (Eric and Jane). Do we really think they are going to let someone back in with only 4 people left? I am still not sure how I feel about this concept but I will let it play out before final judgment. I will say that it is infinity better than the OUTCAST tribe in Pearl Island where nobody knew about it ahead of time.

    Phillip: SMH (Shaking my head) the entire episode. He had me wondering why in the world he was act that way in a game like survivor for a million dollars where social aspects are a very big key, at least with the intent of oh I don’t know WINNING! If this is his way of getting on TV getting his 15 minutes of fame and being memorable well bully for him I guess. While I did find parts his antics entertaining and certainly Tribal, (can’t say Francesca name, getting treatment for dry mouth, spilling the beans on the vote, and in general actin’ a fool) I don’t know that I can take more than a week or two of this guy. If this guy was a federal agent and acted this way then we are done as a society. Just shut the whole thing down.

    Speaking of federal agents and the actual definition:

    A Federal agent is a worker for any federal agency. Special agent is usually the title for a detective or investigator for a state, county, municipal, federal or tribal government. A Secret or Special agent is one who works for an intelligence agency. For example TV show “Alias” staring Jennifer Garner as Special Agent Sydney Bristow or “24” staring Kiefer Sutherland as Federal Agent of the Counter Terrorist Unit Jack Bauer (CTU is fictional division of the CIA) so both in the intelligence field. Now in all fairness Phillip referred to himself as “FEDERAL” agent and not “SPECIAL” agent but let’s see: Sydney Bristow, Jack Bauer, Phillip. (with the sesame street jingle in the background) “Which of these things is not like the other one….”

    As for Boston Rob, as I commented on during H vs V he is my favorite survivor player of all time. I am pulling for him but I don’t think he will win. He and his game are just too well known to sneak up and anybody they way a player can the first time on the show. By the way it was Tyson from Tocantins that F’ed it up for Rob by changing his vote for no good reason. I hated him in tocantins as he was nothing more than Coaches errand boy and did nothing but disparage Seirra and was not all that funny and hated him more when he caused Rob’s downfall. If Rob does not win I just hope he gets payback on Russell. I don’t hate Russell but I don’t think he is the Greatest player in survivor history and want to spoon with him the way his bobos, who wanted to anoint him the greatest ever after two episodes of Samoa, do. Top 10 but not the Top 1.

    Keep up the great work on the podcast as always.

    Justin in Rochester.

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Welcome back Christiana & Mike. Great first podcast on a great first episode. Really enjoyed the show.

    The 4 “What If” 60 sec vignettes (Shambo, Brenda, Erik, Jane) are presented SPRINT. SPRINT is the SOLE sponsor of Survivor this season!

    And it was Tyson who is essentially voted himself out of the Heroes tribe when he changed his vote to Parvati. That was a GREAT Tribal Council where Russell walked up to play his Hidden Immunity Idol and instead walked back and gave it to Parvati!!!