Survivor Nicaragua – Ep09 – Talking About Survivor

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  • Shoey says:


    The game has definitely shifted, abd now Sash and Purple Kelly are on the out. I think Chase is safe, because Holly and Jane will use him as a vote.

    Purple Kelly was the only one to vote for Benry, I guess her 20 years of wisdom didn’t help her here.

    My favourite exchange in the episode was Chase talking to Kelly on the volcano:
    Chase: You never talk really.
    Kelly: I know, it’s kind of funny.
    It sums up her time on Survivor perfectly.

    When Benry screamed in the immunity challenge, it reminded me of Coach in the final 5 immunity challenge of Tocantins.

    I heard that next week’s episode is a recap show. This would mean the editors are just showing more of NaOnka’s antics.