Survivor Nicaragua Ep08 – Talking About Survivor

Discussion of episode 8!


  • Re: Episode 9
    Any bets on whether the tribe will just get tired of NaOnka and vote her out just for personal relief?

    Is it just me or should they have made a better attempt to flush NaOnka’s hidden immunity idol?

  • Shoey says:


    Why do you think Kelly’s name in the opening credits is still shown as Kelly S?
    Also, did you see in the immunity challenge that on Kelly’s name plate it had the word “purple” before her name?

    Why did Jane keep on changing how she spelt Marty? On the Kelly B and Jill votes she spelt his name correctly, but when Alina was voted out she spelt his name as Marti and when he was voted out she spelt his name as Martie. Could this have been a plan of hers, maybe this is way Marty didn’t suspect that Jane had voted for him on the Alina vote.

    Do you two think Brenda and Sash are actually in control, or are they confident swing votes? Don’t get me wrong you can still be a good player who uses the swing vote, but I’m not sure if they are as powerful as they think they are.

    Another Benry moment is back in episode 7 when he was in the immunity challenge and bumped into Alina.