Survivor Nicaragua Ep07 – Talking About Survivor


  • Don says:

    In regards to why Jane and Fabio voted for Marty, while the other 3 voted for Jill. They were just being cautious in case Jill had an idol, because unlike Marty, Brenda didn’t tell the whole tribe that she and Naonka had found the other idol.

    Here is what was said when they cast their votes:

    Jane – “Jill’s supposed to go home tonight, this is in case she has the hidden immunity idol.”

    Fabio – “Just a security vote in case you magically pull out a second idol and play it on Jill.”

    Also, I was a little confused by what Marty said when he voted:
    Marty – “I hope ya’lls catfishing trip is over real soon in Nicaragua. This game ain’t over yet.”

    Does catfishing trip mean Sash and Brenda controlling how the votes go?

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Mike: I agree with you regarding why Marty gave the idol to Sash.

    @Don: I agree that’s why they voted for Marty.

    In Jill’s interviews she says Marty told her about Sash’s offer and she told Marty to go ahead and give up the idol to hopefully curry favor with Sash and Brenda. She knew she was going home and they also told her and Marty that they would put a couple votes on Marty just in case there was another idol out there.

    Jill also said that Brenda thought Kelly B voted for her in the Tribal Council when Shannon was voted out but it was really Alina and Jud that voted for Brenda. That is why Brenda wanted Kelly B voted out and why she will probably be after Alina tonight.

    There is an extra video of Sash where he says he is not trying 100% in the challenges since they don’t need to win since they have people to get rid of and doesn’t want to appear to be a challenge threat. He says he could win all of those challenges if he wanted to!

    Also, here is what Jeff Probst said about the sit out rule: “Side note: Some of you may be wondering about the sit-out rule pertaining to back-to-back challenges. That rule only applies within an episode. Each new episode it starts fresh. Typically we have two challenges within an episode, but not always. So Courtney was able to sit out the last challenge (last week’s episode) and sit out again in this week’s challenge (new episode.) Hope that clears up any questions.”

    So it made NO sense to have Sash sit out of the Immunity Challenge. Sit out your weakest player that did not sit out in the challenge before (that was Jane) so sit out Kelly Purple and you can sit her out again in the next episode’s first challenge.

  • Shoey says:


    I don’t think it was a good idea for Jane to continue going in the immunity challenge. It’s nice that she is stronger than Marty but she is putting a target on her back that doesn’t need to be there.

    I also think that she is not playing the best game. Once Marty is gone she will probably leave shortly after him because the younger people will think of her as another Kelly B, someone who will get the sympathy vote.

    I was wondering if you have seen the ponderosa clips. Alina seems as though she will be a juror that votes on strategy.