Survivor Nicaragua Ep05 – Talking About Survivor

A few days delayed due to this weekend’s activities, but now Christiana and Mike discuss episode 5 of Survivor Nicaragua.

Is Marty a chess GrandMaster? This blogger says no.


  • Shoey says:


    There was another time that the split vote worked. In Survivor Tocantins when the “Warrior” alliance wanted to get rid of Brendan, who they knew possessed the idol. They successfully split the votes 4 for Brendan and 3 for Sierra (his ally). Brendan however did not play the idol thinking that the “exile alliance” and J.T. would vote out Coach.
    This could technically be counted as a time when the split vote worked.

    I don’t think Parvati was involved with splitting any votes. She was there when Tyson switched his vote resulting in Russell staying and him leaving.

    I think worst twist in Survivor goes to the Outcast Twist in Survivor Pearl Island. People coming back into the game after being voted off is good for tv but can screw up a contastant’s game.

    Anyway I’ll write more feedback when I see the episode.


  • Shoey says:


    I think that Brenda and Sash were looking too far in the future voting out Kelly B. Kelly would have been loyal to them until the merge.
    Wasn’t the whole point of the tie so they could flush out the idol? Even though Kelly would have been angry she got votes against her, she wouldn’t have had the idol.
    I think Brenda telling Probst that Jane should worry about getting votes was not a good idea. Why not let Marty and Jill vote for Jane, further isolating them from the tribe?

    I think it is only a matter of time before Espada votes out Dan, if they bring him to the merge he will get back with Marty and never be a target (for being weak).


  • This message is about episode 6.
    *Spoiler Alert*

    This may have been the worst possible attempt to flush an idol. Not only is Marty still in the game, he still has the idol … and he is aware of the opposition.

    All they had to do was secure enough votes in the event it went to a tie (and Marty hadn’t played the idol). *sigh* *head-desk*

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