Survivor Nicaragua Ep04 – Talking About Survivor

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 4 of Survivor Nicaragua!


Back on schedule.


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    GREAT to hear 2 podcasts this week! Glad Mike is able to watch Survivor!

    Off topic…

    Christiana: You NAILED the summary of Undercover Boss with my DIRECTV CEO. How did you know? 😉 😉

    Definitely similar stories with different people every week.

    And it is a *weekly* show with a *different* CEO every week.

    Season 1
    1 Waste Management (Lawrence O’Donnell III)
    2 Hooters (Coby G. Brooks)
    3 7-Eleven (Joseph DePinto)
    4 White Castle (Dave Rife)
    5 Churchill Downs (William C. Carstanjen)
    6 GSI Commerce (Michael G. Rubin)
    7 Herschend Family Entertainment (Joel Manby)
    8 Roto-Rooter (Rick L. Arquilla)
    9 1-800-Flowers (Chris McCann)

    Season 2
    1 Choice Hotels International (Steve Joyce)
    2 Great Wolf Resorts (Kimberly K. Schaefer)
    3 DirecTV (Mike White)
    4 Frontier Airlines (Bryan Bedford)
    ? NASCAR (Steve Phelps)
    ? Chiquita Brands International (Fernando Aguirre)
    ? Chicago Cubs (Todd Ricketts)
    ? Lucky Strike Lanes (Steven Foster)

  • Shoey says:


    Just some of my thoughts.

    Perhaps Kelly Shinn is like Kelly of Survivor Samoa. Both invisible for most of the season.

    Jud’s name in the credits appeared as Fabio so I guess this is going to be his name for the rest of the show.

    In the previews for next week you can tell it is going to be both tribes going to Tribal Council.
    Here are my predictions on who will go home.

    Espada – Dan. Dan, because he is not helpful in challenges and he is on the wrong side of the numbers (Even though he voted with the majority).

    La Flor – Jill or Purple Kelly/Sash. The younger group plus Jane would try and split the vote to flush out the idol, voting three for Marty and three for Jill. Marty would play the idol and Jill would go.
    Purple Kelly or Sash would go if the splitting the votes didn’t work e.g. some people flip over to Marty and Jill’s side or they mess up the votes. Flushing the idol has only worked once, in Survivor Fiji when Edgardo was voted out. I don’t think it will be Brenda or Marty because they are getting the edit of at least making to the merge.

    I think Marty is playing a game similar to Russell where he is getting rid of the stronger people on his team so he can control the votes.

    Why do you think there are so many challenges where they have to throw objects?

    One more thing.
    I am glad the MOP is gone. Even Jeff Probst makes fun of it calling it the “Medallion of Poooowwwer”. I hope they never use it in Survivor again.

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    @Shoey Kelly Purple comparison to Kelly Sharbaugh is a good one! 5 episodes and NO confessional yet for Kelly Purple!

    Yup definitely both going to Tribal Council. Here’s this week’s press release.

    “Worst Case Scenario” – One of the game’s most prominent masterminds targets two foes and sets a plan in motion to oust one of them, along with an immunity idol, in one of the most memorable tribal councils of the season.

    The young are in control of both tribes so I expect them to target the strongest older member.

    For Espada, Yve is way more of a threat than Dan and Yve voted for NaOnka last time while Dan voted for Tyrone.

    For La Flor, Brenda/Kelly Purple/Sash would like to flush the idol but can they trust Kelly B. and Jud to help them? Jill is the most likely to go if Marty has to play his idol but if Marty or Jill win immunity then the young in power might go after Kelly B.

    I think they had a lot of throwing challenges because the old players (and Dan!) can throw but they can’t run with the young.

    And Good riddance to the MOP!