92-Goodfellas and 91-Sophie’s Choice – Watching 100 Movies

Christiana and Mike begin their journey to watch the AFI’s Top 100 Movies with…

#92 – Goodfellas

#91 – Sophie’s Choice

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One Comment

  • Arkle says:

    Hearing you read my comment on the show made me realize the way I described Bamboozled did not do it justice. I can’t imagine anyone hearing my vague description and finding it appealing, so let me get a little more specific, or at least as much as I can without spoiling the whole movie.

    Damon Wayans plays a guy who works for a TV network and is unhappy at his job, but due to his contract he can’t quit. So he cooks up a plan to sell a show to his racially insensitive (though not actually racist) boss played by Michael Rappaport that will so rile up the Black community that the network will have to fire him to save face. His idea? Bring back the old style minstrel shows, though instead of white actors in black face it’s black actors in blacker faces.

    Seeing as I mentioned The Producers in my previous post, you can guess what happens next. It’s not a direct rip-off of The Producers though as my previous comment may have implied. Damon Wayans wasn’t looking to scam anyone and move to Rio, he was just looking for a way out of his contract to find a more emotionally satisfying job, and he gets increasingly bitter as the New Minstrel show becomes more and more popular. And also unlike The Producers, this flick does not have what could by any stretch be considered a happy ending. Two major characters get killed, one of whom wipes the fingerprints of his shooter off the gun and shoots himself again to make it look like suicide.

    Like I said, it’s a movie that I think gets too little respect, and if any listeners wanted to check out Do The Right Thing after listening to this show, I think they might like Bamboozled as well.