Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Ep 11

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 11 of Survivor Heroes Vs Villains!


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  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    From Amanda’s interviews and the CBS extra videos it seems the Cat Fight was edited a lot! Amanda grabbed the clue from under Danielle’s pillow, they wrestled each other to the floor, cursing at each other, pulling hair, etc.

    Jerri has done okay in challenges. In the Outback she only competed in 2 Individual Reward Challenges and won them both and she competed in 3 Immunity Challenges (2 won by Keith and 1 by Nick). In All-Stars she did not compete in any Individual challenges. And there have only been 2 Individual Immunity challenges in HvV and she won one. So Jerri has won 1/5 of the Immunity Challenges she has competed in. 20% is not bad…

    Amanda got voted out on her 108th day. Parvati=105, Rupert=94, Colby=91, and Jerri=81.

  • Gary from The Bronx aka Captain Pike says:

    No way Russell can win however….
    1. 100,000 from last season
    2. 100,000 from this season ?? If
    3. 500,000 for live vote as ‘best’ Villain ?????

    That’s 700,000 grand not bad!