Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Episode 8

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 8 of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains

Links discussed Include:

Jeff Probst’s blog

Dalton Ross’s Interview with Coach

RealityTV Magazine’s interview with Coach

One Comment

  • Watched episode 9. After watching, I understand what JT & the heroes were thinking. Any other season, this might potentially have been a bold move that could have arguably been clever (O.K. a bit of a stretch)

    There is just one problem – Russell is on the tribe of all-time Survivor ->VILLAINS!<-

    Yes, they haven't seen Russell's season at this point, but that is no excuse. Without additional information, they should have assumed that Russell is the biggest villain of them all. *head-desk*

    No matter what happens this season, I can just imagine JT's reactions to all that Russell did last season. *sigh*

    Also, Kudos to Amanda & Parvotti for 100 days on Survivor.

    As always, I look forward to the podcast! 🙂