Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Ep 3 – Talking About Survivor

Christiana and Mike talk about the third episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains


  • Don says:

    Here’s a little more info about Randy throwing his buff into the fire (from

    Gordon: Last night after you were voted out you took the Villains buff off of your head and threw it into the fire. What motivated you to do that?

    Randy: Actually, there were many meanings behind that. If you see the clip of us walking to tribal council I’m not even wearing a buff. I got in trouble for not wearing a buff, so they scrambled to find me one. And the producers lecture me, “Take care of these buffs cause we don’t have that many of them.” So, it seemed like the thing to do to throw it in the fire. And then it has the symbolism to say, “To hell with this, to hell with this tribe, to hell with this game.”

  • Justin in Rocester (soopafreak) says:

    Christiana and Mike, listening to your podcast of ed 3 now. With regards to Randy facing James; Randy addressed it in his interview with JoAnn and Stacy. The Villains said that they had no shot of beating James with any of the 4 men on their tribe (Russell, Coach, Tyson & Randy) so they decided that since Randy was the weakest they might as well not waste one of the stronger guys on James with no shot of beating him.

    As for James and throwing the pillow, James did say in his confessional that he did not mean to hit Randy in the head and that it was just frustration. That said I am not in any way excusing James’ behavior.

    That said part 2, Randy of all people has no business talking to anyone about class considering all the things he did in his season. They are all human and they all make mistakes but Randy telling James he was real classy is the classic pot calling the kettle black.

    And it was Courtney that said made the comment about James being on the wrong tribe.

    As for Tyson and all he is being used for is smart @ss comments after something happens; that is all the Tyson is good for. Tyson was not a good player, in my opinion, during his season and is only on the Villains tribe because he was a d!ck to Sierra. He ended up being on the tribe the dominated the early game and did next to nothing throughout the season other than be an @ss.

    And it made me SICK hearing Coach of all people quoting the Reverend MLK. I will leave it at that.

    I agree, there is ZERO chance of Russel going home in ep 4. My take is that the Heroes will lose Tribal as the Villains will be out for blood after getting skunked at the last challenge. Most likely Tom since he and Colby are stuck outside the alliance. However, I could see the core alliance of James, JT, Amanda, Rupert, deciding to keep Tom and getting rid of Cirie for strategy and keeping tom for strength.

    Last thing Parvati is pronounced (PARV-a-te) not (Par-va-te) like poverty (POV-er-te).

    Thanks for the great podcast as always.