Talking About Survivor – Heroes Vs. Villains Ep 2

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 2 of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Really enjoying your analysis! Sorry to be late with this feedback.

    Christiana, you were correct with your original assertion that Parvati (NOT Amanda) switched tribes in Micronesia from the Malakal tribe to the Airai tribe which allowed Parvati to make an alliance with Natalie and Alexis (and also to get to know jury members Eliza, Jason, and James). It was Parvati that told Amanda that she had brought in Alexis and Natalie into their alliance much to Amanda’s dismay who was busy “bonding” with Ozzie!

    Thought you might be interested that back in December via Jo Ann and Stacy’s Survivor Fans Podcast I found out about a charity VIP Survivor Viewing Party (to benefit Jennifer Lyon) in Hollywood to view the next to last episode of Survivor with some fans and past Survivors:

    Jo Ann, Stacy, Christy (another listener) and I got to meet Jennifer Lyon, Coby Archer, Boo Bernis, Bob Dawg, Bruce Kanegai, Rob Cesternino, Cristina Coria, James Clement, Monica Padilla, and Russell Hantz!

    My Survivor VIP Viewing Party Photos

    Christy’s Survivor Viewing Party Photos

    It was so much fun that Christy returned to Hollywood for the Finale Weekend to meet with Jo Ann and Stacy to meet even more Survivors from Samoa and past seasons:

    Christy’s Survivor Finale Weekend Photos

    Jo Ann & Stacy’s Survivor Samoa Finale Weekend Photos

    Jo Ann and Stacy got invited to attend the 10 Year Survivor Anniversary party in Hollywood. Christy met Jo Ann and Stacy before the party to meet Survivors:

    Christy’s Survivor Reunion Photos

    Jo Ann & Stacy’s Survivor 10 Year Anniversary Photos

  • roxan fox says:

    Hey guys…always glad to hear your thoughts. just wanted to say I enjoyed what you said about the hero’s ability to have an argument even when they agree with each other is pretty amazing! I have always been a James fan but he is freaking me out. Imagine poor Randy having to go against him in the challenge. James throwing the pillow was childish (or it could have been adrenaline) I don’t like this SCARY James! The hero’s and All the survivors will have to become villains in order to win. They may just do it in a “nicer” way. Just because the are so called hero’s means they were liked by the fans, in my opinion.
    Most of the 20 cast members are acting like DIVA’s, men included. This season should be interesting and probably lots of twists. It looks like every man for themselves. I am rooting for JT.
    One more thing…I did read somewhere that some sort of natural disaster (wind storm, hurricane?) caused chicken farmers to loose hundreds of chickens and now they are repopulated and running free.
    Keep up the good work.
    Take care…peace out!

  • roxan fox says:

    I mean repopulating (the chickens) not the farmers.

  • roxan fox says:

    hope ya’ll are ok…no podcast yet!

  • Christiana says:

    Brief delay in the production schedule. We’re both okay, just busy. 😉 We’ll get a show up as soon as we can.

  • roxan fox says:

    Glad all is good.