Talking About Survivor – Heroes Vs Villains Pre-Show

Christiana and Mike discuss the castaways for the 20th Season of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains!


  • roxan fox says:

    Glad to hear your podcast and have only one major point. NO ONE has ever seen Russell Hanz play. He is the only one who’s season was not available AT ALL befofe filming the all stars. As in Amand’s case…even Russell did not know if he had won or not.
    Let the games begin!

  • Don says:

    -It’s great to have you and all the other Survivor podcasts back, definitely makes work fly by that much faster.

    -The Surviving Survivor special seemed really unorganized to me, and I wish they would have shown us some video of the 10 year anniversary party from last month.

    -Loved the analysis of Danielle, a minute and a half of silence. I think everyone had the same reaction when they saw her and Candace in this seasons cast.

    -Jeff Probst pointed out to Dalton Ross how there were so many more men to choose from that they could have just done Heroes vs Villains with just the men. Whereas the women it seems like just finding 5 villains and 5 heroes was a struggle for CBS.

    -I have to disagree with you guys about Coach, I can’t stand him. I really want to see an epic blindsiding of Coach, but after looking at the title of the premiere Slay Everyone, Trust No One it appears I won’t get to see that happen on the first show.

    -Adding to what Roxan said about nobody having seen Russell play, here is the time off between seasons for the people who did back to back shows:

    Pearl Islands ended filming – July 31, 2003
    All-Stars began filming – November 3, 2003
    *3 months to recover

    Stephanie & Bobby Jon
    Palau ended filming – December 4, 2004
    Guatemala began filming – June 22, 2005
    *6 months to recover

    Amanda & James
    China ended filming – August 2, 2007
    Micronesia began filming – October 29, 2007
    *3 months to recover

    Samoa ended filming – July 19, 2009
    Heroes vs Villains began filming – August 9, 2009 (Samoa began to be shown Sep. 17)
    *21 days to recover

    It should be interesting to see how Russell is able to hold up after having such a short period of time to recover. I always hear the past contestants say how long it takes to recover psychologically and physically (the parasites and bug bites). On the other hand, maybe it will be an advantage for Russell that his body has already adapted to the conditions. Alright enough rambling from me, can’t wait only 1 day till a new episode of Survivor.


  • roxan fox says:

    BTW Happy “going into your 6th year” anniversary…
    are you gonna try CBS once again. they changed the web page a lot so there is a chance they fixed the Fantasy league.

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Christiana and Mike

    Hi. GREAT to hear you both again! Thanks for your pre-game analysis!

    Don: Additional info on Russell’s time between games:

    Samoa ended filming – July 19, 2009
    [Samoa cast returns to US July 20-22, 2009]
    [HvV Pre-Game on Samoa Aug 2-8, 2009]
    Heroes vs Villains began filming – August 9, 2009 (Samoa began to be shown Sep. 17)

    Russell only had about 10 days to recover.

    Here’s some corrections…

    Amanda was NOT 2nd place twice. She was 3rd place in China

    China: Todd 4 votes, Courtney 2 votes, Amanda 1 vote
    FvV: Parvati 5 votes, Amanda 3 votes

    Amanda and Stephenie are not the only 3 timers

    Third Timers
    Amanda (China & FvF Micronesia
    Cirie (Panama & FvF Micronesia)
    Colby (Australia & All-Stars)
    James (China & FvF Micronesia)
    Jerri (Australia & All-Stars)
    Parvati (Cook Islands & FvF Micronesia)
    Rob (Marquesas & FvF Micronesia)
    Rupert (Pearl Islands & All-Stars)
    Stephenie (Palau & Guatemala)

    Looking forward to your Episode 1 recap show!

    MikeK from SoCal