Talking About Survivor – Samoa Ep08

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 8 of Survivor Samoa!


  • roxan fox says:

    Hey ya’ll…that damn Russell, found another idol. In all fairness, they have been in easy spots. Remember the days when you got a clue and found 2 or 3 more and had to dig here then line something up to a tree? Come on…Ananda dug about a 30 ft trench on Exile that time only to find a clue saying it was somewhere else. I can’t give Russell too much credit although he is always thinking about it. I just think they are making it easier for the contestants.
    I also heard in a Probst interview brfore the game started that the idol at your camp is for the OTHER team. Why did Russell get to use it?
    who knows
    Anyway, thanks for the podcast.I’m up to 1473 points, anyone else?
    Have a good week.

  • roxan fox says:

    Oh, I forgot…they better follow Russell EVERYWHERE or he’ll find it in the toilet. Or,
    maybe someone else will find it…

  • Don says:

    Hey guys, hope it’s not too late to leave some comments for your next show.

    *During the reward challenge, I’m surprised Natalie picked the group with all her Foa Foa tribemates on it. If she goes with the purple group she keeps the Galu members from being able to strategize.

    *John we get it you are a rocket scientist.

    *It’s a shame to lose Kelly, one of those rare survivor girls who got hotter the longer she was out there.

    *I don’t know why I do it, but I read the blog from Coach on the CBS site. Here is what he wrote this week:

    Monica: “Should we all plan just in case one of them has an idol” Famous last words. What did I say in my last tribal about a woman’s intuition? And Danger Dave responds “We can’t worry about that, now’s not the time for that.” Dave you slipped up there. Now is always the time for “that” on survivor!

    Alright Coach + Monica you want to divide up the votes and flush out the idol = 4 votes Russell and 3 votes Natalie, well Foa Foa’s 4 votes for Kelly still win.

    *Should be fun next week to see who gets scared of a 5-5 tie at tribal council and folds before. My money would be on John because well he is a rocket scientist.