Nina Kimberly the Merciless Companion Ep 09

Christiana is joined by PC Haring and Nobilis Reed to discuss Episode 9 of Nina Kimberly the Merciless Remastered!

Alternate Rough Draft Version of the Con scene in Korstahl


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  • Lizzy says:

    …. I had forgotten I had already posted a Manny-Obsessed post already. Which is why you got a second. So if your wondering if I’m stalking your character, know I’m not. Although the only reason I’m not is that I’ve recently gone through the heart wrenching decision that Manny isn’t in this universe. He’s real, but its beyond my meager powers to be able to find him.

    Seriously, this is a great podcast. I don’t think people tell you that enough. If we told you that constantly we’d still never say it enough. :}