Talking About Survivor – Samoa Ep 7

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 7 of Survivor Samoa.

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  • roxan fox says:

    Hey ya’ll…wanted to add something to the note I wrote last week (comment)(see last post)
    I guess you use to listen to Joann and Stacy back in the day. I know you hardly have time to even do THIS podcast but I suggest you take 15 minutes and listen to the castoff interview they have out on Friday afternoons. Good stuff comes out of there.
    Oh…my score after 8 weeks is 1243 in case any one cares!
    It’s gonna be a mad, mad. mad world now that they have merged…still liking John but they are all such a gamble ! I NEVER expected Erik to go!
    Take care and thanks for the great podcast. Hey to Laura in Germany.