Survivor Samoa Episode 6

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 6 of Survivor Samoa


  • Great episode. A lot was going on in the latest Survivor and you guys covered all the bases!

    Also, Kudos to MikeK from SoCal on his fact checking and comments. 🙂

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Richard Green aka “Mainframe”: Thanks for the kudos!

    Really love the in depth, intelligent analysis you two provide of my favorite TV show!

    What are your vocations and educational background?

    Hey Christiana! I was looking back to when my first Listener Feedback was read on the Jo Ann and Stacy Podcast (now the Survivor Fans Podcast) and lo and behold YOUR first feedback was on the SAME show as mine and we both talked about the video Stacy made!

    Wed, 7 December 2005
    Jo Ann and Stacy Show Listener Feedback for Survivor Guatemala Episode 12

    02:00 Christiana

    66:10 Mike on the video test clip

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  • roxan fox says:

    As usual, I continue to enjoy your interesting insites on Talking about survivor the 2 of you have that never occured to me.
    Mike, you must have “razor” sharp eyes not to see any leg hair on those girls!!! I have blond hair and very little especially on my knees…I really doubt they allow shaving since we have see underarm hair, ever lil Brett is finally showing peach fuzz.
    Ok, I know it’s always a bust but I continue to check and play CBS Survivor fantasy…currently, after week 7 I have 1092 points. I have so little in life, someone please play and report any scores for me!
    Hello to Laura in Germany (crashgerm)
    As always, thanks for the podcast, I always look forward to it.