Shallow Thought #357 – Two Weeks Notice

#357 – Two Weeks Notice


  • GrecoJava says:


  • Scott says:

    I for one am glad to know that (as cool as ST was) your next novel will be that much closer.

  • Jweich says:

    Grrrrrr. How could you do this to us! I am sooooo sad. 🙁

  • GailP says:

    I will miss the daily Shallow Thoughts, but I knew they couldn’t last forever. You made the goal of three months, then 100 days, then 100 consecutive days, and now an entire year of daily podcasts. It’s quite an accomplishment and one not many people share.

    Check in now and then so Luna can bark randomly in the background and make you laugh, okay?

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  • Chesh says:

    On one hand. . . argh!
    On the other hand. . . yay for more Nina Kimberly and Space Casey! (I hope?)

    I would love it if you’d record random ones if/when you felt like it and post them here. ‘Cause they are pretty much my favorite thing on my mp3 player.