Shallow Thought #291 – Sneeze Part 2

#291 – Sneeze Part 2


  • Aubrey says:

    Aww…. puppy squeaky toy joys!

  • tibbi says:

    Luna Squeeks! 🙂

  • Keith Eldred says:

    You paint quite the word picture, Christiana.

    If I were there, I would have whistled at the power of your sneeze.

    I would most likely have added “Bless you!” and helped with cleanup as well, but I’m a champion of whistling after a sneeze. It’s just plain fun.

    In fact, I’m involved in the campaign to publicize the Gazoon High Twizzle (a mondegreen for “Gesundheit Whistle”) as the new way to respond to a sneeze. You can see it in animation at